Data quality is at our core

The accuracy, reliability, and relevance of data define its quality in market research. For Norstat, a leading data collector for high-quality market research and insight in Europe, everything relies on the representativeness, truthfulness, and capacity of our panels.

Data Quality

This begins with a detailed understanding of our panel members, including standard demographics and more specific information about factors like vehicle ownership, shopping habits, and family situations. To ensure the data’s integrity, we apply various quality controls and carefully screen panel members, allowing us to include trustworthy participants in our surveys. Norstat’s high-capacity panels allow for quick, reliable access to nationally representative samples and specific profiles in 19 European countries. With over 4 million members, our high-quality panels deliver data to rely on for decisions that matter.

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How we ensure data quality

A crucial component of quality data is having genuine, verified respondents ready to participate in surveys. Norstat achieves this by maintaining a closed, proprietary research panel that individuals can join by invitation only. A two-step verification process authenticates and validates potential panel members, complemented by anti-cheat systems that detect and remove duplicate accounts. We want our panel members to be responsive when taking surveys, so we use control questions to filter out individuals whose responses do not live up to our quality standards. We also provide panel members with regular communications and local language support to enhance engagement. This way, we ensure that you get real answers from real people.

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Better survey design for quality insight

Many factors beyond the panel itself can impact data quality. Survey design, sampling, scripting, questions, answering options, visuals, questionnaire length, and the device used can all affect results. To ensure that your surveys are optimally designed and free from errors and biases, Norstat’s sampling and data processing experts are available to guide you through every step. With local market expertise across 15 countries, we’re also ready to offer tailored support in each locale to deliver trusted data for your most well-founded decisions.

Our response to ESOMAR’s 37 questions

To ensure credible and trustworthy research, Norstat embraces ESOMAR industry guidelines, strong data management principles and sound business ethics. These underpin the development of our research panel.

As part of this, Norstat has provided an official response to ESOMAR’s “37 questions to help research buyers of online samples” to provide detailed insight into Norstat’s operational integrity and panel management practices.

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