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Norstat Finland was founded in Pori in 2001. For the first seven years, Norstat operated under the name “Suomen Tilastopalvelu” (Finnish Statistical Services). Norstat Finland became the second country, after Norway, to join the Norstat Group. The name was changed to Norstat in 2008. Since then, Norstat has experienced significant growth and has become the leading provider of data collection services for market research in Finland.

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Local data and service matters

The world is changing rapidly, and understanding your market is essential for making well-informed decisions. However, the right decisions cannot be made without the right data. At Norstat, our foundation is built on delivering high-quality, representative data. Our online data collection, CATI center, F2F interviews, and recruitment methods are central to this mission. Statistics can indeed deliver the truth, but only if you have a truly representative sample. That is why Norstat’s full-service data collection offering are equipped to provide the answers to the questions you need.

With high client satisfaction and consistent feedback, our client service is known for its exceptional flexibility, local presence, and speed of delivery. Our dedicated local project managers ensure that you have the right data precisely when you need it.

Finland’s largest and most active consumer panel

Norstatpanel is the largest consumer panel in Finland. With unique consumers in our panel, we offer a comprehensive understanding of our local market and consumers. Our commitment to high-quality, representative data ensures that our clients can make decisions in reliable data. Norstatpanel is the most trusted data source for all market research in Finland. 


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Flexible and reliable data collection for informed decision-making

Our strength lies full service and all data collection methods. We do not limit ourselves to a single specific method; instead, we employ what works best in each situation to deliver the most relevant data of the highest quality. This approach provides our customers with the best foundation for crucial analyses and decisions. Our qualitative and quantitative research methods ensure reliable data collection on all types of subjects and target audiences. The current situation determines the method we choose, but you can trust that it is scientifically tested, fair to respondents, and sustainable for the industry.

Our approach

We collect and provide data to all types of companies, both in the public and private sectors. Our expertise includes a wide range of data collection methods, including telephone interviews, online surveys, taste tests, personal interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, traveler interviews, and mystery shopping.

In Finland, we have 80 telephone interview stations in Pori and 40 F2F interviewers located in Helsinki and main cities in Finland. From Pori we conduct interviews with both consumers and B2B target groups. Our taste tests are conducted in our centrally located office in Helsinki city center Kaivokatu 10 opposite central Railway station.

We offer packages that are tailored to match your different needs. From simply getting panel access and handling the survey yourself, to letting us do everything for you. Or if a quick online survey or any other digital products suits you better. We will deliver you data to trust – for decisions that matter.

All our work processes and procedures are aligned with ESOMAR guidelines.

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