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Enjoy support throughout the entire data collection process. We will make sure the result is data of the absolute highest quality. Get full support from start to finish.

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Professional support in every step of the way

In our experience, insight seekers value quality and speed. Automatization of data collection ensures speed and efficiency, while robust quality assurance safeguards trustworthy data. Expect expertise, speed and flexibility specific to your goal.


Project management

Our project managers are experienced with a wide range of data-collection processes and survey types. They will take ownership, advise and drive the entire project to make sure your specific requirements are met, and that high-quality data is delivered.


Survey scripting

Our scripting experts use their skills to ensure relevant results are acquired from the study participants. All packaged in user-friendly and intuitive online surveys, equally engaging on any device – from desktop to mobile.


Data collection

Few know their sources like we do. It is built on longstanding relationships and continuous engagement with our respondents – and is known to provide truly relevant data. Regardless of the collection method, qualitative or quantitative, we always deliver with efficiency and uncompromising quality.


Data delivery

Get the comprehensive data overview you need in any format you require. We do everything from data management, such as cleansing, formatting, and reporting to visualisation, tabulation and charts. All to give you in-depth knowledge and provide the perfect foundation for insights.

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We deliver real data, collected from real people, that can be trusted and drives our clients most important decision making

Project management

Our project managers are dedicated to addressing your unique research requirements, and driving the entire data collection process for you project with flexibility and speed:

  • Flexibility through expertise: Our project managers bring diverse experiences in data collection, enabling them to adeptly navigate various methods and survey types. This expertise provides you with the flexibility needed for your research success.
  • Personalized support, local presence: We assume full ownership of your project, offering personalized advice and overseeing it from start to finish. Our personal approach, coupled with our local presence and global capabilities, ensures your unique requirements are not only met but surpassed.
  • Tailored solutions for success: Every project is unique. We tailor our approach precisely to match your project’s individual needs, providing the adaptability required to achieve your research objectives effectively.

Survey scripting

Our scripting experts craft engaging and intuitive surveys to yield relevant and meaningful results while optimising data collection for superior efficiency and engagement:

  • Modern survey design: Our scripting experts design surveys that yield relevant and meaningful results, ensuring your respondents provide valuable data.

  • User-friendly interface: Surveys are created to be user-friendly and intuitive, accessible on any device, from desktop to mobile, to maximize respondent engagement.

  • Optimised data collection: Our survey scripting maximises the efficiency of data collection, streamlining the process for better results.

Data collection

Our automated data collection processes guarantee speed and efficiency, coupled with rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure data integrity and reliability.

  • In-depth knowledge: Leveraging our profound understanding of data sources, our network of respondents stands as one of Europe’s finest, providing data that is genuinely relevant to your research.

  • Longstanding relationships: Built upon enduring partnerships and ongoing curation, our network ensures consistent access to dependable and uniform data.

  • Efficiency and quality: Be it qualitative or quantitative, we prioritise methods that seamlessly blend efficiency and quality, empowering you to meet and exceed your research goals.

  • Flexible Collection: Adapting our data collection approaches to align precisely with your research needs, we ensure that the most suitable method is employed for your study’s unique requirements.

Data delivery

We ensure your research insights are built upon a solid foundation of clean, organised data, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence:

  • Comprehensive data overview: Receive a complete data overview in your preferred format, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Data management: From cleansing to formatting and reporting, we handle all aspects of data management to provide you with clean and organised data.

  • Visualising and reporting: Our services extend to data visualisation, tabulation, and charting, making it easier for you to derive meaningful insights.

  • Foundation for insights: We provide the perfect foundation for your research insights, ensuring you have the necessary data to make informed decisions.

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You get high-quality data collected from our market leading consumer panels. Expect expertise, speed and flexibility specific to your goal.

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