About us

We are one of the leading data collectors for market research in Europe.

Our mission is to deliver trustworthy data of the highest quality to enable well-informed analysis and decision-making.

Quality since 1997

Founded in 1997, we are one of the largest and leading data collectors for market research in Europe.

Using fair and transparent data gathering methods, an extensive international panel network and trusted relationship with respondents, we provide best-in-class data about any desired topic or target group. In our experience, insight seekers value quality and speed. Automatization of data collection ensures speed and efficiency, while robust quality assurance safeguards that our data is trustworthy. All our systems, processes and routines are in accordance with ESOMAR’s Code of Conduct.

We support more than 1,800 market research firms, brands, media & advertising agencies, publishers, and consultancies across different industries to accelerate data driven processes and enable trusted research and insight.


Combining leading technology with an international footprint and trusted relationships

With highly-experienced project managers, the right methods, and the latest technology, we provide reliable data about any topic or target group. Always tailored to your specific needs.

Today we offer access to over 4 million respondents across 19 countries – and office representation in 15 of them.


We work towards a society where every single move, call and decision is based on reliable data. Because we believe an enlightened society, is better society.

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We are dedicated to our people and offer a dynamic environment built on our strong culture. Our ambition is to enhance diversity and support our people to grow.

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Corporate News

Get to know the latest updates and news from Norstat in the 15 European countries where we operate. We are always close to market.

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Know your World – we deliver data to trust, for your most well-founded decisions.

Learn more about who we are and our mission in data collection for market research and insight.

What we do

Group management

Our owners – Nalka

Nalka acquired Norstat in June 2024, in partnership with minority owner Kirk Kapital. Nalka is an investment firm investing in market-leading small and medium-sized businesses based in the Nordic and DACH regions. Nalka has offices in Stockholm and Munich and develops independent, competitive, sustainable and long-term profitable companies, through commitment and cooperation.