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Our sample only offering is when you have your own survey tools and in-house capabilities, but need help to find respondents within your target audience. The offering allows you access to data and insights from our online consumer panels, while we give you the support and guidance you need.

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Our experts are ready to start the data collection process today. We will provide you with reliable data about any topic or target group. Always tailored to your specific need. 


Data collection

Few know their sources like we do. It is built on longstanding relationships and continuous engagement – and is known to provide truly relevant data. In our experience insight seekers value quality and speed. Automatization of data collection ensures speed and efficiency, while robust quality assurance safeguards trustworthy data. Expect expertise, speed and flexibility specific to your goal.


Data delivery

Get the comprehensive data overview you need in any format you require. We can integrate the survey results directly into your data analytics software or incumbent dashboard.

Market leading consumer panel

+4 million

We deliver real data, collected from real people, that can be trusted and drives our clients most important decsion making

Data collection

Our automated data collection processes guarantee speed and efficiency, coupled with rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure data integrity and reliability.

  • In-depth knowledge: Leveraging our profound understanding of data sources, our network of respondents stands as one of Europe’s finest, providing data that is genuinely relevant to your research.

  • Longstanding relationships: Built upon enduring partnerships and ongoing curation, our network ensures consistent access to dependable and uniform data.

  • Flexible Collection: Adapting our data collection approaches to align precisely with your research needs, we ensure that the most suitable method is employed for your study’s unique requirements.

Data delivery

We ensure your research insights are built upon a solid foundation of high-quality data, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence:

  • Integrate survey results directly: Receive the data directly into your data analytics software or incumbent dashboard.

  • Data management: From cleansing to formatting and reporting, we handle all aspects of data management to provide you with clean and organised data, or you can get it directly into your systems.

  • Foundation for insights: We provide the perfect foundation for your research insights, ensuring you have the necessary data to make informed decisions.

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Panel quality is at our core

We are on a mission to ensure optimal conditions for crucial analysis and decision making. Data quality is of the highest importance to Norstat and fundamental to our continuous success.

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