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Get the comprehensive data overview you need in any format you require. With Norstat Dashboard, you get an intuitive interface, optimally designed to visualize your KPI’s and make informed decisions with ease.

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Empower your data-driven decisions with visualisations

In today’s data-driven world, navigating vast amounts of information is a strategic necessity. We understand the significance of data visualisation in enabling informed, data-driven decision-making. Our state-of-the-art dashboard solution offers the ultimate visualization experience, consolidating all your data into one accessible dashboard. This streamlines your analysis and expedites report creation, ensuring you always have the foundation for the crucial insights needed for success. With us, you have the tools to unlock data for impactful decisions, empowering you to make choices that truly matter.

As always, we leave the insights up to you.

Brand and consumer performance overview for greater insight

With NorstatDashboards you will get brand performance overview for greater insight. Get all your brand data collected in one place, visualised and easier to draw conclusions from. 

  • All in one
    All data in one place for easy analysis and report creation.
  • Serviced by experts
    Highly skilled, attentive team makes interaction smooth and pleasant.
  • Sharable and accessible
    All dashboards are sharable and exportable in all major formats, including PPT.
  • Superior tracking
    Tailor made brand and consumer insight tracking.


Getting started with Norstat Dashboards to track performance over time

Consumer attitudes and behavioural patterns are constantly changing. So, it’s important to monitor changes in consumer behaviour and brand perception over time. Here are key steps for you to get started with dashboards.


Set user requirements

Defining the user requirements is key to having relevant dashboard to measure performance over time


Select data sources

Different data sources can be integrated in one dashboard, but only choose what is relevant for your objectives and users.


Define desired KPIs

Establishing an information hiearchy will help you to define the sitemap of your dashboard.


Uncover data. Get insights.

Visualisation turns abstract and complex data into tangible and actionable insight. Leverage the data for your analysis. As always, we leave the insights up to you.

Ways to use Norstat Dashboards

Dashboard Lite

Explore the convenience of Dashboard Lite, where your survey data is delivered seamlessly, visualised, and prepared for your reporting needs. Save time by eliminating the need for manual data table and raw data analysis, allowing you to allocate valuable time to focus on your essential analysis and insights.

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Dashboard Standard

Enhance your tracking and measurement capabilities with Dashboard Standard. Access key metrics and trends through an intuitive visual interface, making it easier to compare and share results. This standard solution forms the foundational basis for well-informed decision-making.

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Dashboard Premium

Unlock the full potential of your market research with Dashboard Premium. This tailored solution is aligned with your specific goals, granting access to advanced functionality designed for your selected market research and insights. Gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics.

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Enhancing data collection with tracking studies and dashboards

Tracking studies are vital tools for organisations and researchers today, enabling the ongoing monitoring of research subjects over time using recurring questionnaires. They prove particularly useful in tracking shifts in demographics, values, attitudes, media consumption, brand perception, customer experience, and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Moreover, they play a critical role in electoral polling, where they monitor political party preferences and voter concerns. Tracking studies offer data-driven insights that benefit both business growth and political analysis.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of data collected through tracking studies, our dashboards based on trackers are indispensable. These dashboards provide real-time updates and insights, simplifying the monitoring of evolving trends and changes in data. By tracking and comparing data over time, you can make informed decisions, adapt strategies, and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic environment.

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Quarterly Data

Know your People

Get quality data on the views of consumers across 15 countries featuring three recurring themes: Society, Consumer and Health & Wellbeing

Making it easier to feel the Pulse of Europe

Every quarter we publish the results of a survey carried out in 15 different countries across Europe. With Norstat Quarterly Data you receive current data on our three recurring themes: Society, Consumer and Health & Wellbeing. All displayed in dashboards that allow you to track trendlines over time, do comparisons across markets and slice and dice the data as you wish. You can also access the local results in our reports.

We ensure quality data from our consumer panels – but as always, leave the insights up to you.

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