Data for research to trust

Norstat offers range of offerings and digital solutions to gain trustworthy data that provide you the very best conditions for crucial analysis and decision making – no matter your unique needs.

Full Service

Our experts support you throughout the entire data collection process. We script surveys, collect data and deliver results – with flexibility and speed.

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Sample Only

Use your own survey tools and in-house capabilities, while we deliver high-quality data and respondents – with all the support and guidance you need.

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Digital Products & Solutions

Get actionable insights fast, based on a real-time accurate understanding of the consumer – always at high quality and the service level of your choice.

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With Norstat you can expect superior quality data to give you the very best conditions for crucial analysis and decision making.

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Full Service

The full-service offer guarantees extensive support from start to finish. With our experienced project manager being there throughout the entire data collection process, you will get data that you can trust and the help that you need. Always delivered at a high level of expertise, speed, and flexibility.

Professional support every step of the way

Our experienced project managers are ready to get started today. We will provide you with reliable data about any topic or target group. Always tailored to your specific need. 

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Sample only

Get quality respondents for your survey. Sample Only is perfect when you have survey capabilities in-house but need relevant respondents within your target audience. The Sample Only offer gives you access to data from our consumer panels, while we give you as much support and guidance as you need.

Access to high-quality panels

Our experts are ready to start the data collection process today. We will provide you with reliable data about any topic or target group. Always tailored to your specific need. 

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Digital products & solutions

With Norstat Digital Products & Solutions you get a comprehensive overview of your data and can act on real-time and accurate insights of your target group. Convenient, quick and at the service level of your choice. Start getting quality research done in an instant.


Rely on fast and accurate respondent match for your research. With TestingTime a pool of 1 million vetted consumers stand ready to bring you clarity. We coordinate everything from appointments to making sure everyone is on time.

Convenient coordinated testing

Get efficient, self-serve recruitment of high-quality people to your test assignments.

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Norstat Express

Conduct a survey and get the results over lunch. With Norstat Express you get immediate access to our consumer panels, allowing you to select your desired target group and get up to 500 trusted answers. All within the hour. Fast and efficient from start to finish

Insights within the hour

Get access to 500 respondents and receive your results within the hour.

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Norstat Dashboards

Get the comprehensive data overview you need in any format you require. With Dashboards, you get an intuitive interface, optimally designed to visualize your KPI’s and make informed decisions with ease. All with help close at hand.

Immediate overview with great service

Get all data in one place for easy analysis and report creation.

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Norstat WebUX

Understand the visitors to your site. With Norstat WebUX a pop-up survey is launched on your website providing information on not only what your users do, but why they do it. The entire process is handled locally by us, from first meeting to final report. 

Get to know your users

All in all, quality insights, requiring minimal effort on your side.

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Norstat Live

Get a complete solution tailored to your needs. With Norstat Live you access an online self-service platform, supporting everything from survey setup and sampling to live reporting and dashboards. The service offers flexible setup options and integrates with your system. 

Fully fledged self-service platform

An 100% automated and tailor-made self-service platform to get direct access to your target groups.

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Norstat Integrated Service

Get the most out of your data with the help of our experts. With Integrated Data Services you get direct access to our panels to strengthen your existing knowledge, ensuring you draw informed conclusions and make the right decisions moving forward.

Maximising your data

Get direct access to our panels and efficiently combine different data sources with survey data to automate advanced insights generation.

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