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Established in 2021, Norstat Netherlands is the result of merging two of the leading data collection companies in the country: and CG Research. Norstat Netherlands supports clients in gathering insights to help develop better products and services. We connect you to your target group, where, when and how you want it.

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Local data and service matter

Understanding your market is essential for making well-informed decisions as the world changes rapidly. But you can’t make the right decisions without reliable data. The foundation of everything we do is built on delivering high-quality, representative data you can trust. And our proprietary panel of consumers is at the core of that mission.

Proprietary panel for both quantitative and qualitative research

Norstatpanel is the only consumer panel in The Netherlands with panelists participating in both (online) quantitative and qualitative research. With unique and highly engaged consumers in our panel, we offer our clients access to an accurate reflection of the Dutch market and consumers. Our commitment to high-quality, representative data ensures our clients can make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving business environment.
Norstatpanel is a trusted source for those seeking reliable data for market research in the Netherlands.

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Flexible and reliable data collection for informed decision-making

We do not limit ourselves to a single specific method; instead, we employ what works best in each situation to deliver the most relevant data of the highest quality. This approach gives our clients the best foundation for crucial analyses and decisions. Our qualitative and quantitative research methods ensure reliable data collection on all types of subjects and target audiences.

Our approach

We collect and provide data to all types of companies, both in the public and private sectors. Our expertise includes various data collection methods, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, web-based surveys and home use tests. Our selected digital solutions, TestingTime and Express, offer an efficient and fast way to recruit users and collect insights.

In our state-of-the-art research venue in Amsterdam, we host interviews and focus groups with consumers and B2B target groups.

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