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Get the most out of your data with the help of our experts. With Integrated Data Services you get direct access to our panels to strengthen your existing knowledge, ensuring you draw informed conclusions and make the right decisions moving forward.

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Enrich your insight into your target audience

In a world driven by data, the ability to consolidate and analyse information from multiple sources empowers businesses to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and craft strategies that resonate with their audience on a deeper level. To understand audiences, it is important to utilise integrated data sources. Integrated data sources refer to the combination of multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of the target audience. With Norstat Integrated Data Services, you gain direct access to our carefully managed panels, enriching your existing knowledge. This ensures that you can draw well-informed conclusions and, in turn, make the right decisions as you move forward.

Get direct access to our consumer panels in

19 markets

Deeply-profiled panelists to strengthen knowledge about your audiences.

Maximising your data

With Norstat Integrated Services you can efficiently combine different data sources with survey data to automate advanced insight generation.

Full picture

Added data points enhance the self-reported data from your users or clients.

Increased knowledge

Deeply-profiled panelists to strengthen knowledge about your audiences.

Individually tailored

From integration to delivery fully adaptable through 100% automated scalable API solutions.

Extreme efficiency

When up and running this solution requires a minimum of effort from your side.

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