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Established in 2016 in Milan, Norstat is one of leading provider of online data collection services for market research in Italy.

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Local data and service matters

As the world changes rapidly, the need for understanding your market is essential for making well-informed decisions. But you can’t make the right decisions without the right data. The foundation of everything we do in Norstat is built on delivering high-quality, representative data you can trust. And our panels are central to that mission. Statistics can essentially deliver the truth, but only if you have a truly representative sample.

With high client satisfaction and consistent feedback, our client service is known for its exceptional flexibility, local presence, and speed of delivery. Our dedicated local project managers ensure that you have the right data precisely when you need it.

Our market leading consumer panel in Italy. Get real answers – from real people.

Norstatpanel is the trusted source for those seeking reliable data for market research in Italy. Our commitment to high-quality data ensures that our clients can make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving business landscape. In addition, with an extensive international panel network and trusted relationship with respondents, we provide best-in-class data about any desired topic or target group. We give you access to more than 3 million consumers in 19 European countries – pre-profiled, highly motivated, and available for any digital research method of your choice.

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Flexible and reliable data collection with for well-informed decision making

Every survey is unique, and our project managers are experts at tailoring projects to survey requirements. They are experienced in a wide range of survey types, and ready to help you to create exactly the right survey for you.

Here is what you can expect when you work with us: 

  • We always start by clarifying expectations, so we are sure we completely understand what your delivery consists of and exactly when you need your data.
  • You will benefit from our considerable experience: we will guide you and give recommendations on how best to conduct the study efficiently while ensuring high data quality.
  • We carry out the fieldwork constantly monitoring the collected interviews and checking data.
  • We will be updating you regularly on the progress of your study and bringing any issues that may need your attention to you without any delay.
  • Our highly competent team of data programmers are data management experts, and will clean data, weight, format or integrate different data sources to create exactly the delivery you need.
  • We will deliver data in your preferred format, whether it be raw data, tables, charts, or interactive dashboards.

We offer packages that are tailored to match your different needs. From simply getting panel access and handling the survey yourself, to letting us do everything for you. Or if a quick online survey or any other digital products suits you better. We will deliver you data to trust – for decisions that matter.

All our work processes and procedures are aligned with ESOMAR guidelines, and ASSIRM’s rules and regulations.

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