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What is your world about?

Based on your insights and research needs, we can collect and deliver trustworthy data on any topic or target group, tailored to your specific goals. Our data is consistently of the highest quality, ensuring it’s ready for your crucial analysis and decision-making.

We know your world

We support more than 1,800 market research firms, brands, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consultancies across different industries to enable trusted research and insights, accelerate data-driven processes and achieve revenue growth.

  • Market Understanding
  • Customer Experience
  • Brand Performance
  • Brand Tracking
  • Innovation & Product Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Concept & Creative Testing
  • Campaign & Ad Effectiveness
  • Shopping Behaviour
  • Public Perception & Polling

Who is your target audience?

The respondents are our information source. An extensive network of panel members where we select the right people within your target group to participate in the study. For each specific study we carefully gather respondents from our network that match the desired target group. This is done according to relevant variables, and with the right number of people needed for the data to be reliable.

Norstat consumer panel – real answers from real people

Our panel is what truly makes Norstat what it is. An extensive network of people across Europe that have agreed to respond to our customers’ surveys and voice their opinions.

A better source for better data

Finding the right participants for your unique study is crucial to achieve relevant and useful data. Based on our extensive network of respondents in Europe, we make sure you get access to the consumers you are looking for, representing the whole population. The result is a deeper and richer understanding of your target audience. All so you can rest assured you get the absolute most accurate and relevant data for your study.

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Data quality is at our core

Data quality depends on the representativity, reliability, truthfulness, and capacity of the panel. We collect and maintain profile information about each panel member, from regular demographics to what car they drive and their family situation. We use a variety of quality controls to continuously monitor respondent behaviour and detect whether anyone is responding untruthfully or being inattentive to the questions asked.

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How can you reach them?

Our methods

We use one or several methods to collect information. Which method or methods we use is always based on what is most suitable and efficient for your study. Our qualitative and quantitative research methods ensure reliable data gathering about any desired topic or target group. The specific method we choose is based on what is best for the unique situation, always scientifically proven, fair to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

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Online data collection

When it comes to online data collection we are uncompromising on quality. More than 3 million vetted and highly motivated consumers across Europe stand ready to take part in the digital research method you see fit.

Personal interviews and CATI

Personal Interview – Our personal interviews provide a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. They can be conducted on the street, in a shopping centre, at home, at the workplace, or with focus groups in our dedicated test facilities. Telephone interviews (CATI) – With CATI, we allow you to draw random samples within the population of European countries.


Respondent recruitment is a cornerstone in ensuring data can be trusted. We vet all respondents thoroughly whether we use online or offline recruitment methods. All to ensure that your focus group, product test, telephone interview or face to face give you quality answers.

What is the perfect fit for you?

Our solutions

Our offer packages are tailored to match different needs. From simply getting panel access and handling the survey yourself, to letting us do everything for you. Or if a quick online survey or any other of our digital products suits you better.

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