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Telephone Interviews

With Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), we allow you to draw random samples within the population of eight European countries. Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced interviewers, we meet the highest quality standards in our field. We operate more than 500 CATI seats in 8 European countries. Explore Norstat’s CATI method and the benefits they offer.

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Exploring the method

Despite advancements in research methods, the reliability and effectiveness of telephone interviews remain steadfast. At Norstat, we understand the high standards set by our clients seeking professional research services, and we are committed to meeting those standards. We conduct telephone surveys following standardized procedures across eight European markets, operating from 500 survey stations.

Our investment in state-of-the-art IT infrastructure streamlines our work and enables us to efficiently research even the most challenging target groups. CATI, or computer-assisted telephone interviews, present an ideal opportunity for thorough assessments, including:

  • Evaluating brand awareness and image among business customers.
  • Measuring employee, business partner, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Assessing the quality standards of customer service.
  • Gathering opinions about your company.
  • Ensuring the implementation of procedures related to business cooperation.
  • Profiling the target audience for your products.

We are actively engaged in B2B and B2C projects across various industries on a daily basis. A significant portion of our CATI research is business-focused, meaning we are well-equipped to tackle specific challenges your business may be facing. We welcome the opportunity to address your unique business needs using our proven techniques and research tools.

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As an interviewer with us, you get the opportunity to call around through our systems and conduct surveys with people from all over.

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