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On July 21st, 2023, Norstat acquired Panelbase, one of the UK’s largest independent data collection providers with a solid complementary market footprint to Norstat. This move significantly strengthened Norstat’s position in Western Europe and reinforced its commitment to becoming the leading high-quality data collection company in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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In addition to Panelbase, several other brands joined Norstat. From January 8th, 2024, all these customer-facing brands unify under the Norstat name. This rebranding strategy aims to streamline communication of services and benefits throughout the 19 countries in Europe where Norstat has proprietary panels.

The integrated brands that are now under the Norstat name:


Founded in 2004 by Angus Webb and known for its high-quality UK online research panel, Panelbase offered online sample, scripting, tabulation, political polling and concept testing services to research and marketing agencies, PR firms, and other panels.


Launched in 2018, DRG provided high-quality data collection services for media, brands, and charities, focusing on mixed methodology projects, longitudinal online surveys, and qualitative surveys.

Dipsticks Research Ltd

Founded in 1997, this was the original company that specialised in data collection for brand and communication research, delivering custom solutions using face-to-face, telephone and postal surveys.

Field & Fab

When it launched in 2010, Field & Fab provided rapid and adaptable solutions for research agencies that required CATI or field interviewing.

Public Knowledge

Focused on delivering high-quality data to the public and third sectors, Public Knowledge was launched in 2005.

Other lines of enquiry

Launched in 2004, it provided innovative data solutions primarily to TV, radio, publishing, and OOH (Out-of-Home) media sectors.

Norstat acquires Panelbase and positions as the leading data collection provider in the UK

Norstat has of July 21 acquired Panelbase, one of the largest independent data collection providers in the UK with a strong complementary market footprint to that of Norstat

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Panelbase/Norstat UK panel grows substantially as the smooth integration continues

Panelbase/Norstat UK panel grows substantially as the smooth integration continues

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