April 26, 2023

Introducing Norstat Quarterly Data: Making it easier to feel the pulse of Europe


Norstat is proud to announce the launch of Norstat Quarterly Data, a new initiative that aims to provide up-to-date, quality data on the views of consumers from 15 countries across Europe.

“As a leading provider of quality data, we believe we have a responsibility to make easier for everyone to access the facts and knowledge they need to make informed decisions,” says Norstat CEO Erling J.B. Eriksen.

“We hope Norstat Quarterly Data can help contribute to a more enlightened society by providing a baseline of facts for constructive debate and discussion about a range of important topics.

Every quarter, Norstat will publish the results of a survey carried out in 15 different countries across Europe. The country reports will provide data on consumer views organised around three recurring themes: Society, Consumer and Health & Wellbeing.

By tracking everything from attitudes toward online shopping and stress levels to societal concerns and levels of trust, Norstat Quarterly Data can reveal the mood in each country at a given point in time, making it easier for anyone – from decisionmakers to ordinary citizens – to “feel the pulse of Europe”.

In addition to publishing individual country reports, Norstat will also collect and share all the results in an online dashboard, making it possible for anyone to compare Norstat Quarterly Data across countries and track how trends evolve over time.

“We are proud to be able to demonstrate our data collection and visualisation capabilities for a broad public across multiple markets,” adds Norstat Chief Commercial Officer Graciella Garmann.

“We also hope that Norstat Quarterly Data can inspire current and future clients to uncover new opportunities for how they can use quality data to create and maintain their own informational advantage.”

Markets covered by the Norstat Quarterly Data initiative include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria Italy, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and the UK.

Access Norstat Quarterly Data.

For more information, please contact

Erling J.B. Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer, Norstat
+47 992 28 606
[email protected]

Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer
+47 406 39 944
[email protected]

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