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With Norstat Express you access up to 500 consumers who respond within hours. New features allow you to know your target group even further with more selectable background variables and across multiple countries. All visualised with immediate overview in dashboards for you to share and compare. Fast and efficient from start to finish. 

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Norstat Express for rapid data collection

  • Become more agile
    Set up your survey, get up to 500 responses within hours, and results in a format of your choice. Fast and efficient for your data-driven processes, from start to finish. 

  • Valuable and quick insight
    Conduct data collection for insight anytime, anywhere, enabling your organization to make agile, data-backed decisions. 

  • Reduce costs 
    Our streamlined, automated self-service tool keeps costs low but quality high. 

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Get high-quality results in just a few hours. 

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A self-service tool for immediate access to our consumer panels


Choose your target audience 


Design your questions and specify the desired number of responses 


Launch the survey to begin collecting data 


Export the results to Excel, Dashboard Lite, or PowerPoint 

Direct access to our consumer panel across

15 markets

With Norstat Express you access your defined target groups with automated sampling to enhance your agile decision-making processes. 

Feature update to enable our clients to unlock new opportunities

New features: we’ve introduced new developments designed to refine targeting capabilities and support informed decision-making. 

  • Additional Background Information: Clients can gain deeper insights into their audience by targeting variables such as household size, household income, and personal income. 
  • Tailored Target Groups: Clients can also define target groups based on parameters like civil status, education level, and occupation status. Note: this feature is available for manual addition following a feasibility check and is not enabled by default. 
  • Efficient Data Analysis:With Norstat Dashboard Lite, you can dive deeper into your collected data: collaborate with team members, compare results, and export findings easily. 

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Enhance your decision-making with instant insight

Norstat Express is a self-service survey platform that delivers quick insights. It can provide answers within hours, making it easier to test ideas and get customer feedback early and often. This approach means instant insight can support more of your decision-making. 

It’s so fast because Norstat’s genuine, verified panel members respond on a first-come, first-served basis until the desired number of responses is met. This gives you great flexibility in choosing your target audience and ensures that you’re reaching the right people. 

Transparent pricing


1 Free survey


No subscription fee


Pay as you go or a discounted pre-pay package


No hidden costs, no commitments

Fast and efficient from start to finish

Creating an account is free, and there are no subscription fees or cancellation requirements. After your free trial, it becomes a simple pay per-survey model with no hidden costs or charges. 

The price of a Norstat Express survey varies with the number of respondents and how narrow the target group is. The price of a survey starts at 10 Euro depending on country. Sign up now and launch your free survey. 

  • You pay per completed survey: no monthly subscription or start-up fee. 
  • Prices are mainly influenced by the number of respondents, but a narrower target audience can also increase costs. 
  • The survey price is displayed on the second page after you select your target group and number of interviews. 
  • The number of questions (up to 5 per survey) does not affect the price. 

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