YOUCOOK Case Study

Explore YOUCOOK’s successful expansion into the French market, made possible with the valuable insights and expertise provided by Norstat.

The Issue

YOUCOOK, a German startup launched in 2015, specializes in chilled ready meals inspired by Asian cuisine. While experiencing success in Germany with a growth from 5 to 15 a la carte recipes, the company is eyeing an expansion into the French market. They sought insights into the market’s receptivity in terms of price, preparation experience, design, taste, and competition.

Our Delivery

Norstat developed a comprehensive study strategy for YOUCOOK’s potential in France. We tested varying price levels using a representative sample, gauged preparation experience through in-situ product tests, evaluated product design perceptions against competitors via shelf tests, and organized an organoleptic test with over 160 panelists to assess taste. Comparative analyses were also performed to measure YOUCOOK against its competitors in the French market.

The Result

Thanks to the insights provided by our comprehensive study, YOUCOOK successfully launched in the French market. They are now distributed across numerous outlets, experiencing significant growth and a positive reception in the new market.

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