How quality data ads value for VodafoneZiggo

Join Jan Zwang, Head of Market & Customer Insights at VodafoneZiggo, as he shares the impact of using Norstat’s panel for long-term user testing.

Jan’s expertise in the Market Research industry brings invaluable insights into how VodafoneZiggo utilizes feedback from Norstat’s panellists to drive continuous improvement in their products and services. We are grateful to Jan for sharing his experience and demonstrating the significance of high-quality data in shaping better customer experiences. Watch the video to learn more about this successful collaboration.


VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company offering fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses. VodafoneZiggo is a joint venture of Liberty Global, the biggest international TV and broadband internet company, and Vodafone Group, one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies.

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