Thirteen Group: Stakeholder research

Partnered with Thirteen Group to understand the perceptions of key stakeholders

"The teaam were professional to work with in terms of expertise around the process to ensure we got the most out of the work, a pleasure to communicate with and a real understanding of us and the subject matter. It has been a real pleasure working with you."

Victoria Dufferwiel, Policy & Research Analyst
Thirteen Group

Since 2017, we have worked with Thirteen to understand both customer and stakeholder groups in two projects. In 2017 we conducted a segmentation study for Thirteen Group. Following a recent merger, their brand awareness was limited, prompting a project to gauge levels of interest in their services and understand perceptions of Thirteen Group. The project helped Thirteen to understand how they could best communicate their services and products to a new audience as well as new potential revenue streams such as rent to buy, help to buy, shared ownership and private rental. Conducting 1000 face to face interviews, we produced a four-segment model, determined by local resident’s work and housing situation, lifestyle, social influences, housing needs and perceptions and preferred communication channels. As well as a full insight report, we developed pen portraits of the segments and ran a ‘get-to-know your segments’ workshop to help bring to life the different potential customer groups.

Most recently, we have partnered with Thirteen Group to understand the perceptions of key external stakeholders. Through a series of telephone depth interviews, we spoke to stakeholders from a range of backgrounds to understand their perceptions of Thirteen Group, their relationships with Thirteen, their perceptions of recent developments and future strategy and needs. We uncovered stakeholder’s thoughts on the housing sector, their challenges and the competitor landscape. We also used Thirteen Group’s past research in these areas to understand how and where relationships have progressed and how they could be developed even further. To showcase the findings, a full insights report was collated that provided recommendation for future action. We concluded the project with a debrief of the findings with the senior leadership team and internal stakeholders at Thirteen Group, giving teams insight into how their key stakeholder groups were feeling and providing recommendations on how to enhance working relationships moving forward.

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