SMHI Case Study

Explore how SMHI has collaborated with Norstat WebUX to optimise the user experience on their digital platforms. It has been a sucessful partnership for more than a decade, and Norstat’s solutions have improved user satisfaction.

SMHI is a government authority with the mission of being an expert body in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climatology. This means that we manage and develop information about weather, water and climate that provides society’s functions, businesses and the general public with knowledge and a qualified basis for decision-making. Our website is the hub of our digital communication where we have high visitor numbers. For over a decade, our collaboration with WebUX has been one of the most important sources for obtaining data to optimize the user experience on our digital platforms. Their expertise and support has enabled us to monitor, analyze and adapt to our users’ needs.

WebUX has been our partner in conducting annual surveys with the aim of understanding our users’ needs to meet and prioritize changes on our website. Their solution has provided us with insights and data that allow us to understand user behaviors, identify trends and optimize our digital offerings accordingly. With data from the survey and WebUX expertise, we have been able to improve the user experience and ensure that our digital platforms meet the expectations of our visitors, which has resulted in increased engagement and user satisfaction.

WebUX always has a high commitment and good service with a focus on our success and we look forward to continuing our cooperation. With their support, we get the basis to meet our users’ needs and offer good user experiences.

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