JCDecaux Case Study

Discover how JCDecaux relies on Norstat for ongoing data collection on campaign performance and consumer behavior in Estonia.

The Issue

“It is important for us to collect data about the feedback of specific advertising campaigns. Both in terms of remembering the ad, the comprehensibility of the design, and the attractiveness of the message. It was important to find a cooperation partner who would be flexible in terms of timing, price, question variants, regions and also target groups.

In our business, it is necessary to see the results of our work and discuss them in turn with service buyers and cooperation partners.”

Our Delivery

“The information collected for us by Norstat has given us very valuable feedback about the operation of campaigns and consumer behavior, which we, the field of outdoor media as a whole, and advertisers appreciate.

We appreciate the company’s readiness to quickly introduce campaigns and perform data collection. I also like the freedom without being pushed into certain frames by the survey company, it keeps flexibility.
In the future, we will continue with continuous research in order to monitor the effectiveness of our activities. In the event that some unconventional new ideas arise, we can always bring them to the table.”

The Result

“Norstat is great, especially in terms of flexibility – whether it concerns the timing, a specific target group, a sufficiently large number of respondents or also the price. The company is definitely distinguished by speed, flexibility and price, and the experience of working with the Norstat team has been very positive and irreplaceable.

For other companies facing similar challenges, we recommend research, research, research again, and it’s worth remembering that if you don’t like the research result, don’t get angry about the research, it reflects reality, real people’s opinion, this is real life!”

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