Ergo Research Case Study

Discover how Norstat has been consistently providing high-quality data for Ergo Research’s DigitalTRENDS report for the past ten years.

The Issue

There were 2 challenges:

  1. Manage representative samples of the Italian population stratified on multiple socio-demographic levels, within a mixed mode architecture
  2. To distribute demanding and time-consuming questionnaires to the respondents while ensuring that they receive adequate attention, resulting in coherent answers.

Our Delivery

Norstat helped us to achieve, efficiently and in full compliance with the deadlines, the completion of the various quotas of the sample, providing us with reliable data from which to start for the multiple analyzes we had to conduct.

The Result

All this effort has, for 10 years, produced one of the most appreciated multi-client scenario studies in Italy in the field of studies on media consumption, whose wealth of information and reliability is demonstrated by the large number of companies and institutions that have used it.

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