Channel 4: SVOD Impact

Investigating the impact of SVOD on terrestrial TV

We were asked to investigate the impact of SVOD on terrestrial TV. To do this we employed a 2-staged multi-methodology project to tackle these objectives, fusing quantitative and qualitative approaches to gain robust metrics as well as an understanding of what was powering perceptions. Stage 1 was an online quantitative survey, with respondents recruited from our in-house panel. We spoke to 1,500 respondents including a mix of linear TV and SVOD viewers. This first stage allowed us to quantify perceptions, attitudes and usage of SVOD, from which we were able to construct a well-informed plan for the next stage of the research.

Building upon the stage 1 findings, stage 2 encompassed an explorative online community with 28 participants, which we recruited from stage 1 of the research to streamline the process. We set the participants a range of tasks across the 10 days of fieldwork, which required them to write blog entries, upload story boards and record video diaries. We designed the task guide in partnership with C4, utilising the findings from stage 1 to determine which areas needed further exploration.

We produced a report presenting key insights from the community alongside a video reel of viewers to bring the findings to life and presented the findings to C4 in person.

The research helped Channel 4 to understand how SVOD was being used, which factors determine usage and how SVOD and terrestrial TV fit together.

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