Channel 4 – Film4 Brand Study

In 2021, Channel 4 wanted to better understand the UK film landscape and gain deeper insight into how Film4 is perceived in relation to key competitor brands, with the aim of growing the Film4 audience, building loyalty and broadening appeal of the brand.

In order to address these objectives, we ran a large-scale online survey with a sample of 2,068 film viewers (including 1,220 Film4 viewers) to really unpick brand perceptions and people’s relationship with film. We explored film and genre preferences, motivators to view, as well as how people discover new films and decide what to watch. We also tested a number of Film4 trailers with both viewers and non-viewers, to feed into future marketing and creative strategy.

The survey was also overlayed with Channel 4’s audience segmentation algorithm, which allowed us to analyse the variation in preferences for each audience group and to better inform both future marketing strategy, as well as to feed into channel management / scheduling. We produced a full insight report with strategic, actionable recommendations and shared the findings in a debrief to a number of stakeholders in Channel 4’s audience’s insights and marketing teams.

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