CALM: State of the Nation Audit – Awareness and perceptions research

The audit was conducted to define why it is that suicide is increasingly a male phenomenon. Men, regardless of age, are more likely than ever to take their lives compared to women.

A robust quantitative survey was undertaken via our in-house online panel. The questionnaire was themed to address six core areas; work, work/life balance, relationships, role models, the media, and life. The report was launched on International Men’s Day at the House of Commons. The Seminar was hosted by Rt Hon Lord Boateng and included speakers from CALM, The Men’s Health Forum and Public Knowledge.

Our key findings included:

  • Work: 42% of men felt the need to be the main breadwinner in the household, 29% higher than women.
  • Work/Life: 29% of men felt that their partner would see them as less of a man if they lost their job (compared to 11% of women).
  • Relationships: Around 3 in 10 men think they personally lack qualities and abilities that sexual or romantic partners look for in a man.
  • Media: Two-thirds of the sample feels that men are stereotyped in media.
  • Life: 50% of men (59% of women) said they had been “very depressed” in the past, but only 53% of men who have experienced depression spoke to someone about being depressed.
  • Support: Men were most likely to think that sports clubs (56%) have actively thought about the need of men and boys, but only 9% believed their employer or union (6%) or unemployment office (7%) had thought about such needs.

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