October 16, 2023

Norstat’s newly expanded team in the UK & Ireland to manage Irish consumer research panel


Norstat’s newly expanded team in the UK & Ireland to manage Irish consumer research panel

Norstat’s latest acquisition, the UK consumer research panel Panelbase, will now manage Norstat’s Republic of Ireland panel, one of the leading panels serving the Irish market, featuring over 25,000 active panellists.

The Irish panel has been carefully recruited and maintained with an emphasis on quality. Norstat continuously monitors its representativeness, reliability, truthfulness, and capacity to ensure respondents are providing accurate and attentive answers. Only high-quality panel members receive survey invitations, ensuring that the data fully represents the intended target group.

Paul Wealleans, Managing Director of Norstat UK & Ireland, commented:

The Irish panel is a fantastic asset for us, and for our clients who need to conduct surveys in the Republic of Ireland. It’s capable of supporting projects ranging from large-scale Irish nat. rep. surveys to niche B2B sample. With over 40 staff across the North East of England, London and the Republic of Ireland to manage projects, we combine expert, local market knowledge along with extensive sample-only, full service, and digital products & solutions.

In the coming months, Norstat plans to further develop its business in the Republic of Ireland. This includes introducing services from the broader Norstat group, such as sophisticated dashboarding tailored to market research data.

Jacob Lagerstedt, Regional Director of Norstat’s International, UK & Ireland Markets, added:

The Republic of Ireland is a key market for us. By placing our Irish panel alongside our significantly enhanced UK presence, we are backing it with the resources required for high-quality panel services. We look forward to deepening relationships with clients based in the Republic of Ireland.”

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