September 8, 2020

Norstat hires Romain Barbet as Managing Director for Norstat France


The European data collection company Norstat has hired Romain Barbet as MD for Norstat France. Norstat France is a fully Norstat AS owned company with the responsibility for clients, consumer panels and business in the French market.

Romain has an entrepreneurial background and has founded, started and run his own company Pixopolitan. Pixopolitan became a well-established business in both Paris and New York and Romain exited in 2018. Since then he has worked as a sales executive in the real estate investment company Aronde Immobilier. Romain holds a Bachelor in Management from Kedge Business school (Marseille) and a Master in Science in Management and entrepreneurship from Neoma Business school (Reims). His education includes several longer exchange programs in China and Japan. Romain has also received several awards for his entrepreneurship and been part of the Founders Institute’s Silicon Valley mentoring program.

Commenting on the hiring of Mr. Barbet, Erling J. B. Eriksen, COO of Norstat, says: “It is a great pleasure to have Mr. Barbet onboard. We have been in a very fortunate situation on this recruitment since it has been done in full cooperation with the co-founder of Norstat France, Mr. Marc-Antoine Jacoud. That took away the time pressure and even if the pandemic has made the recruitment more digital than normal, we have had a great process with a lot of talented candidates. In the end we had no doubt, Mr. Barbet convinced everyone involved from our side. He comes over as very entrepreneurial, intelligent and likable. His high ambitions on behalf of himself and the company matches ours. We have made great progress since we started Norstat France together with Marc-Antoine late 2016. We have built a solid consumer panel, hired a very competent team and developed several great client relationships. I believe Romain is exactly the right character to continue the journey we have started and to build a stronger and bigger company. I really look forward to continuing the development of Norstat France together with Mr. Barbet and the French team”.

Romain Barbet comments: “It is a great joy and an honor for me to join Norstat as the new Managing Director in France. Norstat France has already reached great milestones thanks to Marc-Antoine Jacoud’s leadership and I am more than thrilled to take over responsibility and bring the company to the next level. I am very confident that the team and I will be able to fulfill and go beyond our existing customers expectations. Thanks to the level of both operational excellence and product quality we deliver, I have no doubt that we will also quickly increase the number of new clients even further develop the business significantly”.

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