April 25, 2021

Market research 4.0: Norstat and AI company Dadora pool resources


Norstat, the European leader in technology-based data collection methods for consumer insights, analysts and market research, and Dadora, a company offering market research solutions by analysing big data with artificial intelligence (AI), have pooled their resources in a joint project. The two companies have been investigating potential growth markets by combining classic and digital market research methods, using the Haribo brand as an example. Norstat and Dadora have therefore combined the benefits of big data with the strengths of specific, representative surveys. The results from the two firms now provide a basis for making decisions for future innovative projects.

The joint project not only aims to combine the two methods, but also create value added. The key issue has been how market leaders can introduce real innovations in their segment. Sebastian Sorger, Managing Director of Norstat Deutschland, explains, “Haribo is the market leader in a saturated market. Introducing something new in these circumstances demands a great deal of creativity. We wanted to set ourselves a challenge and wondered whether we could provide the necessary insights for this? Thanks to Dadora, we’ve been able to corroborate this matter.”

The two companies first developed an initial question, which was checked by the Munich-based firm, Dadora, using a set of data comprising 14 million entries of unsupported data. Hypotheses were developed from the findings and they were turned into a data-based questionnaire with Norstat. It was possible to confirm the hypotheses during the online survey that followed.

Dr Johanna Schönberger, the founder of Dadora, explained the procedure. “We first asked ourselves which relevant trends were emerging in the confectionery sector from users’ point of view. When analysing the data, our AI discovered that there were many matches between ‘Haribo’ and ‘snack’. However, Haribo is normally associated with sweets. The results of the online survey afterwards, however, confirmed that Haribo also has useful potential in the field of ‘snacks’ that are viewed as fairly healthy.”

Innovation driver for market research

Sorger and Schönberger particularly view the C-level and innovation managers at companies as the target group for combining classic and digital methods. The combination stimulates new ideas for innovation projects for CEOs, who are pursuing strategic corporate approaches, and forms the basis for decision-making supported by data.

“The project reveals the potential that can emerge by combining innovative ideas and classic market research methods. As a technology-driven company, Norstat is always working to enhance the sector and introduce fresh ideas. The excellent cooperation with Dadora has confirmed that there’s no need to be afraid of innovations,” says Sorger, classifying the project.

Schönberger adds, “We want to expand the set of market research tools and can provide well-founded and neutral statements about fundamental insights and trends in a very short time.”

Norstat Deutschland and Dadora are solely responsible for the content of this project. HARIBO did not commission the work involved.

About Norstat Deutschland GmbH

Norstat Deutschland GmbH, which is part of the Norstat Group, is one of Europe’s leading providers of technology-driven data collection methods for consumer insights, analysts and market research. The group currently operates in 18 European countries. The range of services in Germany particularly involves programming, data collection and assessing online surveys using its own consumer panel as well as supplying the results. The company is increasingly handling projects with additional methods (e.g. organising online focus groups). Certification in line with ISO 20252, ISO 9001 and ISAE 3000 safeguards the high quality of the data. Norstat therefore helps its customers to make decisions based on well-founded results.

About Dadora GmbH

Dadora GmbH is a Munich-based company and specialises in digital market research using artificial intelligence and big data. Since it was founded in 2017, Dadora has been supplying extensive AI-based studies and handling consultancy projects for large firms and medium-sized enterprises in the B2C and B2B fields. The data analysis, which specialises in evaluating user-generated content, makes it possible to log customer perspectives without any distortion, for example. This helps establish a long-term understanding of new market developments and trends and break down classic thought patterns.