February 10, 2022

Norstat launches updated brand platform with a new visual identity to support the next phase of its growth agenda


Today, Norstat launched its new brand platform, including a new visual identity. The brand has been updated to reflect Norstat’s increased international footprint, enhanced digital capabilities and extended range of client offerings, and the new brand identity is rooted in the company’s mission to deliver superior quality data for well-informed decision-making.

The rebranding initiative set out to capture the company’s transformation into a key industry player present in fifteen countries and with six successfully completed acquisitions during the last eight months. Norstat has optimized its network of proprietary consumer panels and invested in its digital offering portfolio and leading technology to offer superior quality data while serving customers’ data collection needs at a higher speed.

The new brand platform reflects Norstat’s strong market position in Northern Europe, which is underlined by extensive regional knowledge and trusted relationships with customers. The updated branding will support the next phase of Norstat’s growth agenda and is an important milestone in the company’s journey to become the European leader in data collection.

Quote from Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer of Norstat:

Norstat is on a journey to become the European market leader in data collection for market research. As an important step of that journey, we have updated our brand platform and visual identity to better reflect our increasingly international footprint, our enhanced digital capabilities and our extended range of client offerings. Using our international footprint, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with superior quality data for well-informed decision-making.

For the updated brand platform, Norstat was supported by brand consultancy Essen International.

Quote from Alex Holmén, CEO of Essen International:

By updating Norstat’s brand platform and visual identity we have been able to enhance Norstat’s role in facilitating well-informed decision-making. As such, it was key to capture how Norstat has evolved into a leading European actor while furthering its commitment to high-quality data.