April 19, 2023

Norstat is launching TestingTime in Sweden and continues to expand with digital solutions


TestingTime was acquired by Norstat at the end of 2021, as part of the strategy to strengthen the digital solutions portfolio and accelerate growth in Europe. With the acquisition, Norstat extended the client offering to deliver a self-service platform to recruit test users and respondents for both qualitative and quantitative research. As part of the strategy, Norstat deploys TestingTime to accelerate the digitization of the current recruitment business across the European footprint.

TestingTime’s current markets are Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, France and the Netherlands. As of today, Norstat will expand the digital solution offering to Sweden. The self-service platform will be managed and supported by the team of experts in Norstat Sweden to secure local adaptations, being close to client deliveries and easy access to the Swedish pool of test users. This market expansion represents a major milestone of the integration of TestingTime and is part of Norstat’s growth strategy and ambition to be the leader of data collection in Europe.

Norstat is planning to expand the TestingTime self-service platform across all European countries where Norstat is currently present. Last year, the service was launched in the Netherlands, and with its great success, it defined the commercial blueprint for the further expansion strategy for all markets. The launch in Sweden will be the first expansion in the Nordics.

Quote from Reto Lämmler, CEO & Co-Founder, TestingTime:

Empowering the Norstat Sweden team with a tailormade TestingTime for the Swedish market will mark an important milestone in our expansion strategy. The Nordics have a very high UX maturity, and I am very excited to tap into this new local market and region together with an awesome team on site.

Quote from Henrik Åquist, Managing Director, Norstat Sweden:

We are thrilled to deploy the TestingTime self-service platform in Sweden and collaborate with the TestingTime team to drive success with the expansion to our market. Their focus on UX and commitment to deliver high-quality respondents align well with our continuous mission to deliver high quality data to our clients. This is a perfect addition to our portfolio of recruitment services in the Swedish market. We look forward to delivering a modern and seamless test user recruitment service to clients in Sweden.

For more information, please contact

Henrik Åquist, Managing Director, Norstat Sweden
+46 708 368 102
[email protected]

Reto Lämmler, CEO & Founder, TestingTime
+41 78 811 74 81
[email protected]

Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer
+47 406 39 944
[email protected]

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