December 15, 2022

Norstat increases investments in its Irish consumer panel to meet demand for high-quality data


Norstat, the leading data collector for market research in Northern Europe, expands the consumer panels in Ireland as demand for high-quality data in the Irish market continues to increase. Norstat has, through the acquisition of Userneeds, entered the Irish market in 2022 with panel capabilities. The Norstatpanel in Ireland has grown substantially this year and will soon reach more than 25,000 active members, which solidifies Norstat position as a leading data-collector in the region and are ready to serve the growing client base in Ireland.

Quote from Jacob Lagerstedt: Head of Norstat International at Norstat

With strong consumer panels in Ireland we are able to serve a wide variety of client segments who need access high-quality data to uncover the insights they need. I look forward to continuing to partner with local and international clients.

The Norstatpanel is what truly makes Norstat what it is. An extensive network of people across Europe that have agreed to respond to our customers’ surveys and voice their opinions. For each specific study Norstat carefully draws respondents from the network that match the desired target group. This is done according to relevant variables, and with a sufficient number of people needed for the data to be reliable.

Data quality depends on the representativity, reliability, truthfulness, and capacity of the panel. Norstat collects and maintain profile information on each panel member, from regular demographics to what car they drive and their family situation. Respondent behaviour is continuously monitored by means of a variety of quality controls to detect if anyone is responding untruthfully or inattentively to the questions asked. This way Norstat can make sure that only high-quality panel members are invited to surveys. And clients can trust that the data they get are representative for the desired target group.

Quote from Håkon Bygland: Head of Global Panels at Norstat

Building our panel and recruiting panel members that mirror the actual population is a cornerstone for obtaining trusted data. This process is managed with precision and expertise in all markets where Norstat operates. This is to ensure we have a representative and reliable panel in place, prepared for our clients’ next survey.

For more information, please contact

Jacob Lagerstedt, Head of Norstat International, Norstat
+46 70 418 16 98
[email protected]

Theis Nordhejm Jensen, Panel Manager Ireland, Norstat
+45 26 85 95 83
[email protected]

Håkon Bygland, Head of Global Panels, Norstat
+47 476 07 151
[email protected]

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