October 19, 2023

Norstat continues strategic investments and enhances digital strategy with the launch of a new corporate website


Norstat continues strategic investments and enhances digital strategy with the launch of a new corporate website

Today, Norstat announced a significant advancement in its digital strategy with the unveiling of its new corporate website. This milestone underscores Norstat’s strong commitment to enhancing its digital presence and expanding its reach across Europe.

Erling J.B Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Norstat, emphasises the strategic investments in the company’s commercialisation efforts, stating, “Our strategic investments in commercialisation have been, and will continue to be, one of the key drivers of growth for Norstat, supporting our journey to become the market leader for data collection in Europe. As part of this transformation, we are placing significant emphasis on enhancing our online presence and making our offering and digital products easily accessible to both new and existing clients across our footprint, ensuring a modern digital experience.”

At the heart of Norstat’s digital strategy lies its brand-new corporate website. The dedication to technology-driven growth at Norstat and the commitment to providing our clients, both existing and new, with the best possible insight into offerings and capabilities continues to be a top priority. This new website offers a centralised hub where visitors can explore, learn, purchase digital products directly, and gain immediate access to dedicated teams across Europe. The goal is to ensure a digital experience as seamless and informative as possible. The website’s design and content align with Norstat’s evolving brand identity, strengthening brand recognition, and resonating with the expansion of digital sales in Europe. Other components of the established digital strategy include marketing automation, CRM, and sales optimisation, forming a comprehensive solution that has been recently implemented.

With this transformative step, Norstat is strategically positioned to reinforce its position as an industry leader and innovator, offering an enriched user experience and delivering quantifiable business results.

Graciella Garmann, Norstat’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), who spearheads the functional transformation, says, “We are pleased to continue our commercial transformation, with our digital strategy being a core component of this journey. Our mission is to establish a solid foundation and execution for data-driven processes in sales and marketing, backed by leading technology. The launch of the corporate website marks a key milestone in our efforts to enhance our digital experience, complementing our strong local market presence, which is recognised for our team’s proximity to our client’s needs and objectives.”

Erling Tangen, Head of Digital at Norstat, provides insights into the corporate website project’s objectives: “Our new website will facilitate an efficient localised online presence across 15 European markets, in line with our commitment to staying closely attuned to the local market. This project has entailed a complete CMS evaluation, website development, SEO/CRO and optimisations for digital sales. These elements collectively serve as the foundation for our overarching digital strategy.”

The enhanced focus on digital excellence will support the next phase of Norstat’s growth agenda and is an important milestone in the company’s journey to become the European leader in data collection.

Erling J.B. Eriksen, Chief Executive Officer, Norstat
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Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer
+47 406 39 944
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