October 12, 2021

Norstat acquires CG Research to accelerate growth in the Dutch market – establishes Norstat Netherlands


Data collection company Norstat has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in CG Research, a market leader in the market research industry in the Netherlands. The acquisition adds to the group’s acquisition of Respondenten.nl in July and further solidifies Norstat`s position in the Dutch market.

The acquisition of CG Research, which closed on October 4th, is Norstat’s fourth acquisition in 2021 and is another important milestone in Norstat`s strategy for future European growth. The group now aims for consolidated revenues of approx. €64M in 2021.

“Following our acquisition of Respondenten.nl in July, we have looked to find a partner to accelerate growth and strengthen our Dutch position. This acquisition adds both production capabilities and expertise in the Dutch market and the wider Norstat group. CG Research has a very interesting client portfolio, and this acquisition will strengthen Norstat`s ability to handle complex projects while simultaneously increasing our production capabilities in the Dutch market. Our clients, employees and respondents will benefit from the merger as we will be able to take on bigger and more complex assignments. The acquisition is very much in line with our overall strategy; to grow on our existing position as an innovative provider of high-quality data collection services and to become the leading European player within this business.”, says Erling Eriksen, CEO in Norstat.

CG Research joins the pan-European Norstat Group, now boasting physical presence in 14 European markets with more than 200 full-time employees and more than 1500 part-time employees.

The acquisition of CG research and Respondenten.nl promises an exciting future for the Dutch market. The two companies is a perfect match, with overlapping business focus and complementary customer bases. Furthermore, the consolidation of the two companies will create a clear market leader in the qualitative research market. With the backing and technical expertise of the Norstat Group, the two companies will focus on building scale within quantitative research and other growth initiatives. The aim is to build a one-stop shop for data collection and market research in the Netherlands.

Respndenten.nl and CG Research will merge over time and form Norstat Netherlands with approx. 5 Million EUR in revenues and 40 employees. CG Research’s office location in Hoorn adds to Respondenten’s HQ in Amsterdam and venues in Amersfoort. Yvette Huitema, Managing Director in Respondenten.nl will take the role as Country Manager for Norstat Netherlands, supported by Merel Marcedo as General Manager. Merik te Grotenhuis, founder and CEO of CG Research, will stay on for 6 months and support in the post-merger integration work and transition into Norstat Netherlands. 

Norstat is the leading data-collector for market research services in Northern Europe. The company was established in Norway in 1997 and has since grown its geographical presence to include Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Italy.

Quote from Yvette Huitema, Managing Director Respondenten.nl | Norstat Netherlands:
“Respondenten.nl and CG Research have always been close. By joining forces we really feel we are able to bring the full value-add to the market in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Scale, geography, technology and people will make the difference and will benefit our customers and partners throughout the world.”

Quote from Merik te Grotenhuis, CEO CG Research:
“Respondenten.nl and CG Research have developed in the same direction during the last decade. For both of us it is obvious that bringing together our experience and resources in the Dutch market – and on top of that the Norstat expertise and power – this has great added value for all our clients. Instead of each of us investing in the same kind of systems, procedures, participant communities etc. we now can bring this together and take it to a next level.”

For more information, please contact:

Erling J. B. Eriksen
CEO, Norstat Group
Mobile: +47 99 22 86 06
E-mail: [email protected]

Yvette Huitema
Managing Director, Respondenten.nl | Norstat Netherlands
Mobile: +31 657 88 33 10
E-mail: [email protected]

About Norstat
Norstat is the leading data-collection company in Northern Europe. We deliver online data-collection via large representative proprietary consumer panels and in addition, we collect data on telephone, personal interviews, focus groups, postal and “Mystery shopping” in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Yearly we produce more than 8 million interviews. Norstat delivers data in all traditional formats and also in visualization dashboards and directly via API`s – often combined with the client`s own and other types of data. Our client base consists of well-known and respected local and international companies in most sectors. Our biggest clients are market research companies, but we also work for numerous media and PR agencies, management consultancies and direct end clients in both the private and public sector. Norstat is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. http://www.norstatgroup.com/

About CG Research
Founded in 2001 by two entrepreneurial brothers, Merik and Hendrik te Grotenhuis. Our origin is in qualitative recruitment and nowadays CG has its ‘Do it Together’ approach: clients choose the research modules they need, both for their qualitative and quantitativeresearch projects. CG’s client base is very broad: from major qualitative research agencies for recruitment-only, to end-clients demanding full-service projects. We extended our qualitative project management services internationally. This is a high growth niche. For years CG is investing heavily in its systems and procedures, being the first Dutch qual recruitment agency with ISO 20252 in 2011.

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