January 25, 2022

Norstat strengthens digital capabilities and solidifies Northern European position with the acquisition of Userneeds


Norstat, the leading data collector for market research in Northern Europe, has reached an agreement to acquire Userneeds, one of the largest data collection companies in the Nordics. The acquisition solidifies Norstat’s leading position in the Nordic market and adds to the Group’s previous European acquisitions as part of its growth agenda, including the acquisitions of TestingTime, DMA Research, Respondenten and CG Research during 2021.

The acquisition of Userneeds was completed on 21 January and follows Norstat’s strategy of building on its strong market position as an innovative provider of high-quality data collection services and creating the leading European player in the industry.

The integration of Userneeds will enable Norstat to further increase investments in best-in-class offerings and customer experiences. Userneeds’ digital solutions portfolio complements Norstat’s established digital roadmap. Jointly, the companies will leverage Norstat’s market leading technology and quality assurance processes to extend the reach of Userneeds’ consumer panels and unlock their full potential. The combination of Userneeds and Norstat will result in increased scale and further opportunities for organic growth.

Quote from Erling Eriksen, CEO of Norstat:

The acquisition of Userneeds will strengthen our ability to scale and deliver in our local markets and their digital solutions portfolio will enhance our existing capabilities. I am delighted that Userneeds CEO Johnny Jensen, who has done an excellent job in building Userneeds into one of the key data collection companies in the Nordics, will stay on as Managing Director in Norstat Denmark as we build towards the common goal of becoming a European data collection market leader. I am also pleased that Tue Meier-Poulsen will continue within Norstat and help drive our further ambitions in his new role as regional director for our Northern European markets.

Quote from Johnny Jensen, CEO of Userneeds and future Managing Director of Norstat Denmark:

I am truly excited about Userneeds and Norstat joining forces and I look forward to getting to know Norstat and its employees during the coming months. Combining Userneeds’ digital capabilities and strong local presence with Norstat’s market leading position and high-quality offering will be hugely beneficial for our customers, and I look forward to our continued journey together.

Quote from Frank Mortensen, CECN ApS, Chairman, Userneeds A/S:

We are proud of what Userneeds has become during the last four years under the leadership of CEO Johnny Jensen and with the contribution of all employees. Today, Userneeds is a fully-fledged Nordic digital data collection company and I believe that it is now the time to take Userneeds’ expertise and offerings to the European stage. I cannot think of a better match than Norstat for the next step of this journey and I am confident that Norstat’s market leading position and high-quality offering will benefit all of Userneeds’ customers.

Quote from Tue Meier-Poulsen, current Managing Director of Norstat Denmark and future Regional Director of Norstat Northern Europe:

With the integration of Userneeds, we will strengthen our position as the Danish market leader and increase the breadth of our production capacity, which all Norstat and Userneeds customers will benefit from. I look forward to welcoming Userneeds and together create value for our customers in Denmark and beyond.

The acquisition of Userneeds adds approximately 130 000 panelists to Norstat’s existing consumer panels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Userneeds also owns and operates a panel in Ireland with approximately 15 000 members. As such, the acquisition significantly strengthens the Group’s panel capabilities, to the benefit of all customers.

Userneeds, with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen and Helsinki, will be integrated locally into Norstat’s country organizations. Following the integration, Johnny Jensen, CEO of Userneeds will take the role as Managing Director of Norstat Denmark. Tue Meier-Poulsen, Managing Director of Norstat Denmark, will support in the post-merger integration work before assuming the role as Regional Director for Norstat’s Northern European countries.

About Norstat

Norstat is the leading data collector for market research services in Northern Europe. We use well-grounded research methods to collect reliable data about any desired topic or target group. This information helps you to make the right decisions and become better in what you do. We don’t confine ourselves to a specific method of data collection – we do whatever works best: scientifically proven, fair to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

The company was established in Norway in 1997 and has since grown its geographical presence to include Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.

About Userneeds

Userneeds is an online data collection company providing digital solutions and services to companies and organizations across the Nordics. We aim to deliver our services thoroughly and efficiently based on reliable data so that you as a client can focus on translating the data and insights into strategies that will strengthen your brand and/or organization’s positioning.

Userneeds was established in Denmark in 2001 has since grown its geographical presence to include Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway with ever-growing consumer panels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Ireland. Today, the annual revenue is approx. MDKK 45 with 42 employees.

About CECN ApS

CECN ApS develops businesses and properties through investments and deep professional competencies. Prior to the transaction, CECN ApS was the majority shareholder in Userneeds via Userneeds Holding ApS.

For more information, please contact:
Erling J. B. Eriksen
CEO, Norstat Group
Mobile: +47 99 22 86 06
E-mail: [email protected]

Tue Meier-Poulsen
Managing Director, Norstat Denmark, and future Regional Director of Norstat Northern Europe
Mobile: +45 2033 1606
E-mail: [email protected]

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