Recruitment – for B2B and B2C target groups

We offer recruitment as a method to support qualitative research approaches, including focus groups, product tests, and interviews conducted via telephone or face-to-face interactions. We understand that the effectiveness of your research depends on having the right participants, and we take the responsibility of recruiting them seriously.

Online or offline approaches for recruitment

Depending on the qualitative research you wish to perform, we recruit the candidates through our online panels or by offline methods. This to ensure they meet the criteria and attend the session at the arranged time. Whether you need to gain insights through group discussions or one-on-one interviews, our recruitment methods are tailored to make your qualitative research efficient. So that you can reach you research goal.

Need help with recruitment?

The specific method we choose is based on what is best for the unique situation, always scientifically proven, fair to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

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