Personal Interviews

Our personal interviews offer a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. They can take place in various settings, including the street, shopping centres, homes, workplaces, or in focused groups within our specialized testing facilities. These interviews are conducted by our team of expert interviewers, ensuring a high level of professionalism and insight.

Professional trained interviewers for quality

We are proud to boast a network of over 1000 interviewers equipped with modern technical tools like iPads and computers, which enable efficient data collection. This commitment to both training and technology allows us to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring that your research projects benefit from the best possible insights and geographic reach.

To further enhance the quality of our services, we consistently train our interviewers and maintain a broad network of cooperating partners, such as shopping malls, to guarantee comprehensive geographical coverage for your projects.

Street interviews

Interviews usually take place in busy areas such as high streets and shopping centres, but we’ve also interviewed in sports clubs, swimming pools, railway stations, and outside major tourism and entertainment events.

It’s a technique that we’ve developed into a fine art by appreciating the simple fact that face-to-face interaction between interviewer and respondent can be invaluable in eliciting co-operation and building rapport. We can guarantee that our service will be exemplary – the speed and efficiency of our fieldwork and turnaround is unbeatable.

Hall tests

Hall tests involve hiring a venue in a central location and inviting a large number of respondents to evaluate your products or services.

Participants are recruited from the street adjacent to the venue and nominal incentives are usually given in order to encourage their co-operation. Whilst they’re often used for quantitative data, qualitative information can also be obtained by using open-ended questioning. Either way, it’s a cost effective solution that allows respondents to try out your product or service in a controlled environment with relatively fast access to the data we gather.


Take a look below to find out more about our interviewing capabilities:

  • Our network of 1000+ field interviewers carries out thousands of face-to-face interviews each year
  • Our tablet-based interviewing option enables data to be collected and relayed back for analysis almost instantaneously
  • More interviewers now have their own tablets and as they are permanently equipped, it means a quicker dispatch and response time
  • Every project is director-led and results are analysed on an ongoing basis to make sure they’re up to scratch
  • We conduct interviews for retailers, event organisers and the public sector, either directly or as fieldwork suppliers to other agencies/consultancies
  • Our dedicated Operations team also manage the distribution and the collection of thousands of paper questionnaires each year so rest assured your project is in good hands however we collect the results
  • We have conducted interviews all through Europe, and we pull out all the stops to get the job done

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