Online Data Collection

We give you access to more than 3 million consumers in 19 European countries – pre-profiled, highly motivated and available for any digital research method of your choice. When it comes to online data collection, we are uncompromising on quality.  

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What is online data collection?

Online data collection is a method of collecting data through online platforms. It is a systematic process and involves clear distinction in the way the data is collected. One of the advantages of online data collection is the availability for everyone involved (panel members, project managers, clients etc.). The data collected online are usually more accurate, because the panel members are given a generous time frame to respond, and profiling enables better targeting.

Our primary source for this method is the Norstatpanel; our consumer panel covering 19 countries with more than 3 million members. 

Ensuring data quality

Data quality is the cornerstone of our operation, which is why our panel recruitment process is distinguished by stringent quality control measures and operates under a double-opt-in system.

  • Our panels draw on various online and offline sources.
  • We only engage in active recruitment and for market research use only.
  • Our recruitment operates with double-opt-in process.
  • They are hidden and only accessible via invitation code.
  • We place strict requirements on our partners and traffic quality.
  • Of course, we run ongoing quality assurance routines in panel recruitment and management, certified by either ISO 9001 or ISO 20252:2019

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