Online Community

We’re able to run in-depth community projects across weeks or months and often utilise mobile diaries so that respondents can give us in-the-moment feedback on behaviour or purchases.

Online communities allow you to understand, engage, and collaborate with key customers.

  • Closed environment or test concepts with the target audience
  • Sample recruited to match target specification
  • Includes discussion/task design, platform hosting, and incentives

We’ll give you the research you need, exactly when you want it. Your own dedicated panel that can be adapted for daily, weekly and ad hoc surveys.

It is a hassle-free, flexible, cost effective way of managing your research, all supported by a sophisticated, bespoke microsite that allows you to engage with your audience more effectively, whenever you like. And it’s all carried out by our highly specialised and experienced in-house panel management team, so you can feel confident that we will consistently deliver.

We clean your data

As part of panel creation/cleansing we will:

  • Refresh your consumer data and weed out any ‘dead’ contacts – saving you time to focus on your specific research role
  • Recruit panellists using double opt-in, and verify active email accounts
  • Give you the option of topping-up sample from our in-house panel, Panelbase
  • Provide a single point of contact with senior researcher

We develop a bespoke microsite

This gives you the chance to incentivise respondents with more than a token monetary reward. Panellists’ unique login means that they will have access to exclusive content and competitions and it is this powerful social network platform which enables panellist to share information, giving you valuable consumer insights. In short, this lets you engage with your audience effectively.

We design surveys

Our specialised panel team can design your questionnaires using the latest tool technology and provide daily fieldwork progress reports, all with 100% transparency. We can handle survey design, scripting and provide you with the information you require, saving you time and, of course, money.

We provide instant survey results

Our online communities have been designed with easy to use on-line interfaces, so you’ll have the research you need, the moment you want it.

All data will be thoroughly checked and open questions coded.

  • Results made available in real time via easy to use on-line interface
  • On-site software training provided by experienced data analyst
  • Full reporting and analysis available at favourable rates

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