Eye tracking

Eye tracking records eye movements whilst respondents are looking at a TV Screen or webpage. We have our own Eye-tracking panel within our consumer panel, Norstatpanel, with real consumers eager to participate.

What is eye-tracking?

Eye-tracking technology assists in observing and measuring how people move their eyes, how their pupils change size, where they look, and when they blink. It helps researchers see what grabs their attention, what they pay attention to, and what they ignore. The advantages of the method includes providing valuable insight about visitor/customer preferences that surveys or other research methods can’t always uncover. 

Why use eye-tracking?

You can judge how people manage to watch more than one piece of information or content at once or how people look at brands and logos on the screen etc.

Using eye tracking glasses, we can reveal exactly where people are looking and what they’re focusing on in minute detail. As the results are so instinctive and unprompted, it provides a fantastically refreshing insight into buying habits and ad awareness. We’ve used the glasses on a number of innovative research projects – analysing consumers’ shopping behaviour, their interaction with a service or advertising responses – and our clients have been delighted by the results.

We can also recruit participants and conduct eye tracking research within controlled environments such as hall tests. In addition to lightweight mobile glasses, we have used sensors built into PC monitors. These sensors track whatever a respondent looks at on the screen, so it’s great for testing website usability and the effectiveness of screen based media.

Need help with recruitment?

The specific method we choose is based on what is best for the unique situation, always scientifically proven, fair to the respondents and sustainable for the industry.

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