Recruitment for qualitative research – get the respondents and conduct the interviews you need

We specialise in recruiting respondents for your focus group, interview, or UX test. Always tailored to your specific qualitative research objective and goal.

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Getting started: How does it work?

Let us assist you in finding respondents and conducting interviews for your unique qualitative research goal. Get full support from start to finish. Expect quality, expertise and flexibility specific to your goal.

Whether you are looking for participants for focus groups or users for a UX test, Norstat handles participant recruitment for your qualitative research. Our carefully constructed panel of participants gives you access to specific target groups. An extensive screening process ensures you can talk to your customer or user at the agreed place and time.



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Fieldwork and feedback

Conduct the survey online, in one of our venues or your location and give us feedback



We arrange compensation for the respondents.


TestingTime – recruitment of users for UX research

TestingTime is our solution when you need users fast to test your product or application for further development. On the platform, you can specify participant criteria and receive immediate feedback on feasibility and costs. TestingTime is a flexible platform, ideal for agile development processes that incorporate multiple (iterative) sprints to get from a prototype to a Minimum Viable Product.

Visit, specify the type of participants you are looking for and your preferred methodology. The TestingTime calculator will immediately provide you with a cost quotation.


Convenient coordinated testing

Our innovative screening procedure, driven by Artificial Intelligence, selects the right participants from our panel of 1,000,000 consumers. The platform gives real-time information about scheduled participants.

TestingTime coordinates participants’ bookings, ensures their attendance, and manages incentives for participation. This allows you to focus on developing products and services that genuinely impact consumers.

Do you want to engage with specific target audiences or your own client base regularly? Setting up a Private Pool is the solution for you.

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Online interviews via webcam

In today’s world, numerous interviews are conducted online through platforms like Webex, Zoom, and Lookback. Here’s how we can assist:

  • We offer our expertise and licenses for various online tools.
  • We can provide guidance on the capabilities of these tools.
  • We ensure that respondents are punctual and ready in front of their webcams.
  • A technical moderator will be assigned to your research, taking care of all technological aspects so that you can focus on your research without worries.
  • If you require research streaming or transcription services, we can arrange those for you as well.
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On-site interviews

Our respondents are of course also open to participating in on-site market research. This can be arranged at one of our facilities or a location of your choice. For instance, this could be at your company’s UX lab or any suitable meeting venue within our office. Additionally, our respondents are available for in-home visits or shop visits. Feel free to inquire about the available options.

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In-home User tests (iHUT)

Are you interested in having respondents test products in the comfort of their homes? This can be efficiently achieved through an In-Home Usage Test (iHUT).

Here’s how we can assist:

  • We dispatch products to your selected target group.
  • Comprehensive manuals for all packages are provided.
  • We ensure that respondents initiate the testing or tasting process at home and complete the associated questionnaires promptly.
  • The results are then relayed to you in the form of a table, report, or completed questionnaires.
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Full-Service Qual: Support for (multi-country) research projects

Norstat is your trusted guide to organise fieldwork across the globe. We use our network of fieldwork agencies, venues and moderators to ensure your international research project will succeed.

You decide which part you want to outsource. Contact us for participants only, or outsource the entire research project, including analysis and reporting.

The level of support you need might differ from project to project. Even within a project, you can always request us for additional services if that suits you better. We will determine the extent of our involvement depending on expertise, budget and time available.

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