December 12, 2023

Know your World – Discover Christmas and New Year with data across 15 European countries


As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, it’s time to update our holiday traditions and unwrap the latest data into Christmas and New Year celebrations across Europe. So, let’s delve into the festive magic that paints our 15 European Norstat markets, where Christmas is a shared theme, but the way it’s woven into our lives varies.

Our commitment to Norstat Quarterly Data extends to the holiday season with a special edition of “Know Your Christmas”. This year, we bring you fresh, high-quality data about Christmas and New Year celebrations. Our diligent respondents from our consumer panel across Europe have shared their insights, and we’re excited to present the findings to you.

“Know your Christmas” unveils the current sentiments surrounding Christmas and New Year festivities among diverse European populations. What do they enjoy about Christmas? How much are they spending on presents this year compared to last? Alongside these insights, we’ve sprinkled in some fun facts. Have you ever wondered about the prevalence of Christmas sweaters across Europe? (Hint: it’s the UK and the Republic of Ireland that are big fans of them!). Or whether people are exchanging Christmas presents this year? We’ve got the answers.

To make this festive data accessible, we’ve compiled individual reports for each of Norstat’s 15 European countries. However, if you’re feeling extra curious and want to go beyond your local traditions, our Christmas Norstat Dashboard allows you to effortlessly compare results across the European landscape. Get ready to discover a treasure trove of information that not only adds sparkle to your understanding of Christmas but also allows you to connect with the rich variety of celebrations across the continent.

Read more about Know your Christmas and get access to the data here