March 14, 2024

Norstat accelerates TestingTime roll-out with plans for European expansion


Norstat, one of the leading data collection providers in Europe, is proud to announce the expansion of TestingTime, its innovative self-service platform for recruiting test users and respondents for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Since its acquisition by Norstat in 2021, TestingTime has quickly become a cornerstone of Norstat’s digital solutions portfolio. The platform enables clients to gather valuable feedback from real consumers, all with transparent, upfront pricing. With a growing client base, TestingTime’s success highlights its increasing recognition in the UX and market research markets.

Currently operating in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands, TestingTime’s expansion is being accelerated through Norstat’s presence across Europe. This aligns with Norstat’s broader ambition to become the leading data collector for high-quality market research in Europe. The seamless integration and acceleration of TestingTime’s expansion in Europe demonstrate Norstat’s proficiency in using strategic acquisitions to strengthen the group’s position in the industry and drive growth.

The launch of a full brand alignment with Norstat and expansion into new European countries marks the latest milestone in realising TestingTime’s outstanding growth potential. The clear goal of this brand alignment is to preserve the distinct identity of TestingTime and its focus on UX, while leveraging the strong Norstat brand, which represents trustworthy data for decisions that matter.

Quote from Mats Beck, Chief Strategy and M&A officer of Norstat:

“The growth potential of TestingTime is remarkable and we will leverage Norstat’s pan-European presence to support the further roll-out of TestingTime. Through the acquisition, Norstat has solidified its reputation as a company with strong capabilities in acquiring, integrating, and efficiently realising synergies, thus delivering added value for clients and accelerating our growth.”

Reto Lämmler, CEO of TestingTime:

“This expansion and brand alignment marks an exciting chapter for TestingTime. We are thrilled to extend our reach into new markets while staying true to our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.”

Quote from Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer of Norstat:

To mark this important next phase, we have completed a comprehensive brand alignment with TestingTime. This move showcases the synergy with the Norstat brand and reaffirms our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our clients across Europe. TestingTime enriches our offering portfolio and addresses the diverse needs of our clients.”


For more information, please contact:

Mats Beck, Chief Strategy and M&A Officer, Norstat

+47 907 87 974

[email protected]

Reto Lämmler, CEO of TestingTime

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Graciella Garmann, Chief Commercial Officer, Norstat

+47 406 39 944

[email protected]