Toyota Case Study

Discover how Toyota Denmark has succeeded in measuring customer satisfaction together with Norstat’s expertise.

The Issue

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments you can make as a private individual. At the same time, it is a category where a very strong loyalty to a brand can be built up, if customer satisfaction is in place.

Toyota takes customer satisfaction seriously by consistently monitoring and evaluating customer experiences during their interactions.

Our Delivery

In the past year, Norstat has collected approx. 20,000 responses from Danes who have either bought a car, tried a car or visited a Toyota workshop.

Norstat and Toyota maintain a close collaboration, enabling them to collect customer feedback as close to the point of contact as possible. Toyota continuously sends visitor data to Norstat, which then contacts the customer either by phone, email or SMS. In case of negative answers, a message is immediately sent to the specific dealer who takes care of a given problem.

The Result

The ongoing data collection gives Toyota a unique insight into customer satisfaction and preferences across Denmark. The continuous feedback on the customers’ experience provides the opportunity to turn bad customer experiences into good ones. At the same time, it creates the framework for a lasting improvement of customers’ experiences with Toyota.

The large amount of data also makes it possible for Toyota to analyze demographic differences, but also makes it possible to follow the development in customer satisfaction both from an overall perspective or at dealer level.


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