Norstat International is committed to serving clients globally, whether you are interested in conducting qualitative and quantitative research across international borders or within your local market.

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Global reach. Local research.

We are prepared to assist you in achieving a streamlined and efficient research process tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our services extend to all markets, reaching beyond our local offices. Throughout the years, we have established a strong network of partners specialising in market research and insights. For selected projects, we collaborate closely with these partners to provide you with the comprehensive support you require.

With high client satisfaction and consistent feedback, our client service is known for its exceptional flexibility, global reach, and speed of delivery. Our dedicated project managers ensure that you have the right data precisely when you need it.

High quality data delivered across borders – and in your local market.

The foundation of everything we do at Norstat is built on delivering high-quality data that you can trust. Our panels are central to that mission. With over 3 million genuine and unique consumers in our panel, we offer a comprehensive understanding of markets and consumers. Our commitment to high-quality, representative data ensures that our clients can make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Norstatpanel is the trusted source for those seeking reliable data for market research.

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Flexible and reliable data collection for informed decision-making

We do not limit ourselves to a single specific method; instead, we employ what works best in each situation to deliver the most relevant data of the highest quality. This approach provides our customers with the best foundation for crucial analyses and decisions. Our qualitative and quantitative research methods ensure reliable data collection on all types of subjects and target audiences. Your research and insight goal determines the method we choose, but you can trust that it is scientifically tested, fair to respondents, and sustainable for the industry.

Our approach
We collect and provide data to all types of companies, both in the public and private sectors. Our expertise includes a wide range of data collection methods, including web-based surveys, taste tests, personal interviews, focus groups and in-depth interviews. We offer packages that are tailored to match your different needs. From simply getting panel access and handling the survey yourself, to letting us do everything for you. We will deliver you data to trust – for decisions that matter.

All our systems and procedures are in accordance with ESOMAR’s rules and regulations.

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