December 21, 2022

Know your World – “Know your Christmas and New Year”


Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Or at least that’s what the first line in the classic ‘Let it snow’ states. However, both the weather and the perception of it depend very much on where you are located. Besides weather differences and geographical distances, culture and traditions differ throughout our 15 European Norstat markets. We all have Christmas in common, but how we spend it and which traditions we celebrate differs. If you want some insights on how, allow us to enlighten you!

Bringing data around Christmas and New Year in Europe closer to you. “Know Your World” is our brand promise, and by delivering high-quality data we provide you insights about your world. This year for Christmas, we want to bring you high-quality data about Christmas! We have asked our dear panelists across Europe about their Christmas- and New Year traditions, and now we would like to share the resulting data with you.

“Know your Christmas” showcases data about the current Christmas and New Year spirit inparts of the European population. What societal aspects concern them? What are their expectations for their future behavior and consumption? We also give you few fun facts about their Christmas- and New Year traditions; How many people in UK and Ireland do you for instance think have a Christmas sweater compared to the people in Denmark and Italy? And what are the most popular topics for New Years resolutions in your country? (Well, we know the correct answer…)

We are making “Know your Christmas” available to you in the form of a report (we have created one for each of Norstat’s 15 European countries), but you can also easily view and compare all the results in our Norstat Christmas Dashboard, if you are interested in going above and beyond your local country and benchmarking your country with other European countries.

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