February 9, 2023

Panel quality is at our core


As one of the leading data collectors for market research in Europe, we are on a mission to ensure optimal conditions for crucial analysis and decision making. In 2022, Norstat conducted more than 9 million interviews for organisations in the public and private sectors that depend on delivery of high-quality data for insight. Data quality is of the highest importance to Norstat and fundamental to our continuous success.

There are numerous differences in how online panels are recruited, controlled, and maintained. Different data providers chose different directions, with different outcomes. The way we operate and develop our panels is focused on ensuring high quality data. This is what we do:

  • Our panels are proprietary – we control quality from A to Z
  • Our panels are closed panels – we operate by invitation only
  • Two-step verification process to ensure only real people join the panel
    Plausibility and duplicate check – we check incoming panel members against existing panel accounts and stop duplicate accounts from being created
  • Automated cheater detection systems designed to identify individuals who does not meet our quality standards
  • Response quality checks in the form of quality control questions
  • Local language support to ensure understanding of cultural context and good communication with our panel members

Delivering high quality representative data is the key element in being a trustworthy data provider. Through advanced technology, competent personnel and high standards of integrity, honesty and transparency, Norstat is 100 percent dedicated to remaining a trustworthy business partner to all our associated stakeholders. Our commitment to quality is relentless. That commitment ensures unrivalled engagement, response rates and attention which is a prerequisite for delivering high quality data.

Over the years since being founded back in 1997, we have built a network of more than 2 million consumers and citizens across Europe. At the very core of our data gathering process is our proprietary panels – people who have agreed to respond to our customers’ surveys and voice their opinions. Our respondents are who make Norstat what it is.

Quality throughout the panelist lifecycle

Recruiting panel members that mirror the actual population is a cornerstone for obtaining trusted data. Throughout the panelist lifecycle we employ multiple measures to ensure that our panel consists of real, unique indiviual persons and that these persons respond conscientiously to the surveys they are invited to. This enures that we have a representative and reliable panel in place.

Data quality depends on the representativity, reliability, truthfulness, and capacity of the panel. We use a variety of quality controls to continuously monitor the panel members responses and detect if anyone is responding carelessly or being inattentive to the questions asked.

This way we can make sure that only real people are invited to our panels and that only panel members delivering high quality responses remain in the panel and are invited to our surveys. That is how you can trust that the data you get from Norstat holds high quality and is representative for your desired target group.

For more information, please contact:

Linn Nordeidet, Head of Global Panels
+47 99271348
[email protected]

Tone Belsvik, Head of Quality
+47 936 60 887
[email protected]

About Norstat

Norstat is one of the leading data collectors for market research in Europe. Since the founding of the company in 1997, we have built a robust network of over 2 million respondents across 19 countries. We have the capabilities to gather precise and trustworthy data about any desired topic or target group. Our superior quality data provides a trustworthy foundation for well-informed analysis and decision-making. For more information, please visit www.norstatgroup.com.